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School of Postgraduate Studies.

 Dean of Post Graduate Studies

                   The Postgraduate School coordinates all postgraduate programmes in the University. While postgraduate  programmes are actually resident in the various faculties and departments that offer these programmes, the School provides the administrative oversight and services to postgraduates students. The Postgraduate School is headed by a Dean, with a Deputy-Dean and a full-time Secretary.  The University of Abuja offers programmes leading to the award of ;[a] postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) , postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA), postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS) , in Banking and Finance (PGDBF)  and in Environmental Planning and Protection(PGDEPP). [b] Master of Education(M.Ed) , Master of Science(MSc) , Master of Law(LL.M) , Master of Public Administration (MPA) , Master of Philosophy, Master of Environmental Planning and Protection (MEPP) and [c] Doctorate (Ph.D) in the listed Faculties and Departments.

Postgraduate Programmes

See Here for General Entry Requirement


Department of History 

  1. Nigerian and African History                              - M.A., M.Phil/Ph.D & Ph.D
  2. Economic History                                                 - M.A., M.Phil/Ph.D & Ph.D
  3. Diplomatic History                                                - M.A., M.Phil/Ph.D & Ph.D

Department of Theatre Arts

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Media Arts
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Theatre Arts
  3. M.A. in Media Arts
  4. M.A. in Theatre Arts
  5. Ph.D in Media Arts
  6. Ph.D in Theatre Arts

Department of English

  1. English Language       -  M. A. and Ph. D.
  2. English Literature        -  M. A. and Ph. D.


Department of Education Management

  1. M. Ed. Educational Administration and Planning
  2. Ph. D. Educational Administration and Planning

Department of Counseling and Education Psychology

A)     Educational Psychology

  1. Master of Education[M.Ed] - Education Psychology
  2. Master of Philosophy[M.Phil] - Education Psychology
  3. M.Phil/Ph.D - Educational Psychology

B)   Guidance and Counseling

  1. Master of Education [M. Ed.] - Guidance and Counseling 
  2. Master of Philosophy [M. Phil.] - Guidance and Counseling 
  3. M.Phil/Ph.D [Ph.D]  - Guidance and Counseling
  4. Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] - Guidance and Counseling 

Department of Science and Environmental Education

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education [PGDE]
  2. Master of Education[M.Ed]
  3. Master of Philosophy[M.Phil]
  4. M.Phil/Ph.D
  5. Doctor of Philosophy


  1. LL.M              -  Master of Law
  2. M.Phil/Ph.D   -  Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Law
  3. Ph.D               -  Doctor of Philosophy
  4. Department of Private and Islamic Law



Business Administration Department

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration[PGDBA]

Public Administration Department

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in  Public Administration[PGDPA]
  2. Master of Public Administration[MPA]
  3. Master of Science in  Public Administration[MSc. Pub. Admin.]


Department of Biological Sciences

  1. M.Sc - Food Microbiology
  2. M.Sc - Industrial Microbiology
  3. M.Sc - Environmental Microbiology
  4. Ph.D - Food Microbiology
  5. Ph.D - Industrial Microbiology
  6. Ph.D - Environmental Microbiology
  7. M.Sc  - Biology[Environmental]
  8. M.Sc  - Botany[Biodiversity]
  9. M.Sc  - Zoology[Parasitology]
  10. M.Sc  - Zoology[Fisheries]
  11. Ph.D  - Biology[Environmental]
  12. Ph.D  - Botany[Biodiversity]
  13. Ph.D  - Zoology[Parasitology]
  14. Ph.D  - Zoology[Fisheries]


Department of Chemistry

A)   Physical Chemistry

  1. MSc. - Physical Chemistry
  2. Ph.D - Physical Chemistry 
B)    Organic Chemistry


  1. MSc. - Organic Chemistry
  2. Ph.D - Organic Chemistry 

 C)    Inorganic Chemistry


  1. MSc. - Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Ph.D - Inorganic Chemistry 

D)    Analytical Chemistry


  1. MSc. - Analytical Chemistry
  2. Ph.D - Analytical Chemistry 


Department of Physics

  1. MSc. / Ph.D - Experimental Solid State Physics
  2. MSc. /  Ph.D -Theoretical Solid State Physics
  3. MSc. / Ph. D - Applied Geophysics 



Department of Economics

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Banking & Finance[PGDB&F]
  2. Master in Financial Economics[MFE]
  3. MSc. Economics
  4. M.Phil/Ph.D Economics

Department of Political Science

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Political Sciences[PGDPS]
  2. Master in International Law and Diplomacy[MILD]
  3. Master of Philosophy[P.Phil] -  Political Science
  4. Master of Science[MSc. Political Sciences specialization] in
[i]   International Relations
[ii]  Political Economy
[iii] Policy Analysis

       5.   M.Phil/Ph.D in areas listed in 4[i],[ii] & [iii]

       6.   Doctor of Philosophy Degree [Ph.D] in Political Science with specialization in:

[i]   International Relations

[ii]  Political Economy

iii] Policy Analysis


Department of Sociology

  1. MSc., Ph. D.  -  Gender
  2. MSc., Ph. D.  -  Development
  3. MSc.  Industrial/Ph.D
  4. MSc.  Criminology/Ph.D
  5. MSc.  Demography/Ph.D
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Inter cultural Conflicts & Communications
  7. Postgraduate  Diploma in Gender Studies

Department of Geography and Environmental Management

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Planning and Protection[PGDEPP]
  2. Masters Environmental Planning and Protection[MEPP]
  3. Master of Science[MSc] Geography in the following areas of specialization

[i]    Environmental Resources Planning

[ii]   Population and Manpower Planing

[iii]  Geomorphology

[iv]  Biogeography

        4.  Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] in the following areas of specialization

[i]    Environmental Resources Planning

[ii]   Population and Manpower Planing

[iii]  Geomorphology

[iv]  Biogeography
See Here for General Entry Requirement
Prof.  Funke Wasilat Abdulrahman
Dean, Postgraduate School





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