In the absence of vaccine and treatment for COVID-19, the main strategy of its control remains Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). IPC Targets of the University

  1. Keep the University safe from COVID-19
  2. Implement effective Risk Communication and Community Engagement
  3. Make available infection Prevention and Control tools and equipment for ease of IPC practices in the homes, offices and community.
  4. Protect more vulnerable persons based on age, presence of other medical conditions, job schedule (healthcare, safety, and critical infrastructure workforce).
  5. Train and retrain health workers and other staff for early detection of COVID-19.
  6. Reduce COVID-19 transmission rate by breaking the chain of transmission between individuals.

Basic IPC measures to remain COVID-19 Free
Students and staff are encouraged to protect their lives and those of others by observing the simple rules: • Washing hands regularly with soap and water for 20-60 seconds or cleaning of the hands with alcohol based hand rub/hand sanitizer for 20 seconds. There is hand washing stations at the entrance of buildings. Non-contact sanitizer dispensers are mounted at strategic areas in the University. All these are in place to encourage everyone to practice hand hygiene. The University is working at hand washing culture beyond COVID-19 pandemic since prevention of infection “is in our hands.”

Figure: Alcohol-based hand rub/hand sanitizer produced by UofA Committee in conjunction with UHS

  1. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Wear a face mask or cover your face with a covering while in the public. Face masks have been provided for the staff on essential services
  3. Stay home if you can. The Federal Government directives on the category of staff to come to the office are being observed in the University
  4. Observe social distancing in the offices. Minimize the number of workers coming to the office, to ensure physical distancing. Stagger meetings, cancel physical meetings, and move towards virtual meetings. The University is working towards introducing virtual classrooms.
  5. Maintain physical distance of 1-2 metres (3-6 feet/2 arm’s length) with the person next to you.
  6. Cover your cough/sneeze with disposable paper or flexed elbow.
  7. Clean frequently touched surfaces with detergent, on daily basis, and disinfect high touch areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, light switch etc with dilute bleach solution.
  8. If you are sick with respiratory symptoms, stay home.