Counseling Unit

I am pleased to inform you that the university of Abuja has recently established a counseling Center. This is to increase awareness of the opportunities in relation to interest, values and skills in facilitating effective career development and decision making for the need to produce informed citizens of local communities and the world.

The major aims and objectives of the center include:

  • Counseling services to students and other clients.
  • Providing adequate information and training of students and other clients in order to master professional skills and competence in their chosen fields of study.

The vision of the center
To be a force in the management’s drive in promoting purposeful and holistic student learning and development of sense of personal responsibility.

To foster in students the qualities of mind and heart that will prepare them to reach their full potentials as informed citizens of local communities and the world

There are six (6) basic goals of counseling in and out of school: –

  • Identification of Role Problem
  • Facilitating Behaviour Changes
  • Promoting Decision making
  • Improving Relationship
  • Enhancing Coping Skills
  • Facilitating Clients’ Potentials

The activities of the center include but not limited to the following:

Provision of information on the following:

  • Vacancies and how to secure jobs
  • Educational development and professional programmmes including requirements for admissions (graduate and post graduate);
  • Scholarships and other funding opportunities for self-development including on campus employment opportunities;
  • Other students’ placements (IT/SIWES/TP/Clinical/practicum) etc.
  • Career events like weekly or monthly talks with focus on guidance for career choices etc.
  • Workshops to promote career development with focus on resume writing, internship research, interviewing techniques with practical sessions and other skills needed to find employment;
  • Seminar to enhance employ-ability of students;
  • Collaboration with the employment sector/employers to conduct career fairs;
  • Liaison with Alumni and Public Relations Officers to present career talks, information and seminars on employment and employ-ability;
  • Providing relevant information through the provision of internet resources for career/job search, list of jobs, learning (skill) how to secure jobs and other similar information;
  • Collaboration with Alumni members to network and embark on mentoring /internship for job opportunities, and linkages programmes and also
  • Foster other career club activities, among others.
  • Student Orientation
  • Entrepreneurship Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Leadership Services
  • Gender and Peace Education

Cultural Values and National Orientation

Professor Catherine Ogwuche