Consultancy Services Unit

Brief on the Consultancy Services Unit
The Consultancy Services Unit of the University of Abuja came into being in January 1992. The decision to setup the Unit followed the realization by the University early in its infancy of the need to establish such an outfit to serve the immediate community in the which the University was established as well at to provide avenue for generating revenue to the University. This is necessary, as emphasis was placed on the need for Universities to generate adequate revenue to fund a large percentage of their capital and recurrent expenditures. The Consultancy Services Unit operations on January 20, 1992 with a mandate to:

– Make available technical, scientific, professional, and other expertise services to all levels of government, parastatals, the private sector and the international organizations.
– Contribute to the financial resources of the University and to offer avenues for legitimate earnings for the University staff.
РCreate opportunities for academic staff to undertake projects relevant to the immediate community. Undertake, from time to time, any other function that may be prescribed by the University.

1.1 Organizational Structure
The Consultancy SerVices Unit is Administratively under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. According, the Director of Unit is directly answerable to the Vice-Chancellor. Hence, all officila communications are directed to the Cice-Chancellor or copied the Vice-Chancellor fir information. The Unit is headed by a Director and assisted by a Deputy Director. The Registry Department is represented by the Assistant Registrar and is supported by an Officer (a Clerical Officer). The secretariat section has a staff(Confidential secretary I) .There is als a messenger/Cleaner. One Accounts Officer also represents the Burary Department. The current Organization structure is as follows:

2.0 Current Director

 Dr. L. Oladeitan

2.0.1 Deputy Director

3.0 Statutory Board of the Unit
Management Board
This is the highest decision making body of the Unit. It sits on policy matters and gives directive as to the focus of the Unit. It has the following members:
Vice – Chancellor – Chairman
2 Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Member
Registrar – Member
Bursar – Member
Deputy Director(CSU) – Member
Assistant Registrar – Secretary
4.0 Staffing
In Addition to the Director and Deputy Director, the Unit has the following:

  1. Mr. j. Shigaba – Assistant Registrar
  2. Kasumu J. – Confidential Secretary 1
  3. Mrs A. Musa Babayo – Clerical Officer
  4. Mr. Philip Yakubu – Office Attendant.

5.0 Past Directors
Over the years, the following Directors in the following order headed the Unit:

  1. Dr. Abdullhamid Ujo – (1992 – 1993)
  2. Dr. A.A. Idrees – (1993 – 1998)
  3. Dr. J.Y. Maisamari – (1998 – 2000)
  4. Dr. M.A. Maisamari – (2000 – 2003)
  5. Dr. Aliyu Hussani – (2003 – 2006)
  6. Prof. A. Mustafa – (2006 – 2008)

6.0 Current Activities

Initially the consultancy Services Unit concentrated on workshops and GCE/JAMB coaching services. These services were rendered during the early period of 1992 and 1993. However, the more elaborate services currently renders by the Unit are legal services, theatrical displays/entertainment, computer services, agricultural and agro-allied ventures, engineering services,enviromental planning and design, feasibility surveys, management and accounting services etc.