The Visitor
The University of Abuja is a federal government-owned institution therefore the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the Visitor to the University. There are two main organs that are involved in the overall administration of the University. These are the Governing Council and the Senate.

The Governing Council
The Council consists of the Chairman who is also the Pro-Chancellor of the University, the Vice Chancellors (Administration and Academic) a representative of the Federal Ministry of Education, four persons appointed by the National Council of Ministers representing broad national interests, four persons appointed by the Senate from its members, one persons each appointed by the Congregation and the Convocation among their members and the Registrar as Secretary to Council. The Council is the highest policy-making organ of the University.

University Administration
The Key organs and officers involved in the administration and governance of the University are: the Governing Council, the Senate, the Congregation and the Convocation, the Vice-Chancellor, Two Deputy Vice Chancellors (Administration and Academic), the Registrar and Secretary to Council, the Bursar, the University Librarian, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Centres and Institutes and Heads of Department. All these organs and officials are supported by the Committee system which is the pivot of administration of the University.

The Senate
The Senate is the highest University authority on academic matters. It is the generasl function of the Senate to organize and control teaching at the University and the admission and discipline of students, as well as the promotion of research. The Senate comprises the Vice-Chancellor as Chairman, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the Professors, the University Librarian,Deans, Directors and Deputy Deans, Heads of Academic Departments, one member of academic staff representing each Faculty and the Registrar as Secretary.

The Congregation
The Congregations is made up of all members of staff of the University who were university graduates by appointment. The Vice-Chancellor is its chairman and the Rigstrar is Secretary. Congregation meetings, being statutory, ae called to afford members opportunities to have asay in metters affecting their welfare.

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