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The University has two campuses: the Mini Campus located in Gwagwalada Area Council about fifty four kilometres from the city centre, and the Main Campus situated along Abuja-Airport Road, some few kilometres from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. 

At inception, the university temporarily operated fully at the Mini Campus in Gwagwalada, which covers an area of 33 hectares. 

The Main Campus consists of a large expanse of land estimated at 11, 824sq hectares. 

The University still operates from both its Main Campus along Abuja-Airport Road, and the Mini Campus in Gwagwalada; although most of the faculties have now moved to the Main Campus. 

The topography of the Main Campus is a sight to behold-the hills encircling the campus in a warm embrace, the vast expanse of lush green plants are very pleasing to behold-creating a perfect, warm and peaceful atmosphere for research, teaching and learning. The Main Campus houses the Senate Building, Faculties of Agriculture, Arts, Engineering, Management Sciences, Sciences, Postgraduate School, Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education (CDL&CE), the University Printing Press, students’ hostels, Centre for Gender Security Studies and Youth Advancement, among others. 

University of Abuja Business School is located in the city centre in the university’s annex in Kado, close to NAF Conference Centre.