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Study Abroad Aide Officially Releases Annual Best Value Rankings Among 8,060 Universities Worldwide

In the diverse landscape of international education, Study Abroad Aide has just unveiled its yearly Best Value University Rankings, emphasizing the importance of both affordability and high-quality education.

Last November 11, 2023, Study Abroad Aide officially released the annual Best Value Rankings for International Students. The Best Value rankings focus on educational institutions worldwide that offer both affordability and quality education.

Study Abroad Aide evaluated 8,060 universities from 69 countries to get this year’s Best Value Rankings. As affordability and quality education are the topmost factors learners consider when choosing a university, Study Abroad Aide believes that this ranking provides a perfect opportunity for institutions to champion their excellent academic reputation and gain exposure to a wider international reach.

The ranking methodology for Best Value Universities is based on two indicators:
  • Academic quality of institutions – This factor accounts for 75% of the institution’s evaluation and is based on academic reputation.
  • Difference between the university’s tuition fees and the country’s average tuition fees – This factor consists of 25% of the evaluation and is included to gauge the institution’s affordability.
Study Abroad Aide has already published the rankings for the Top 100 Best Value Universities located in each of these countries:

By releasing the Best Value Rankings, Study Abroad Aide aims to assist more international students in their journey of studying abroad. These rankings serve as a great right-hand tool for students looking for the perfect university around the globe.

Study Abroad Aide offers a platform not just for students but also for universities to thrive and prosper. Study Abroad Aide hopes that the Best Value Rankings will encourage international students to live their dreams and for universities to continue providing high-quality education at a low cost.

Institutions’ efforts to make education accessible should not go unnoticed. Should your university be one of our Best Value Rankings, you are encouraged to share this wonderful news across different platforms.

Study Abroad Aide extends congratulations to all universities featured on this year’s rankings.

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