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Welcome Address by the Dean

On behalf of all staff of the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) of the University of Abuja, Nigeria, I happily welcome all new and returning students to the faculty. I am glad you have chosen to pursue your engineering degree here at the University of Abuja. You are joining one of the best Engineering Faculties in Nigeria to benefit from the existing collaboration between the university and the industry.

Once again, I am happy to have you at the Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Idris Ibrahim Ozigis
Acting Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Overview of the Faculty of Engineering

The University of Abuja was established in January, 1988 and academic work started in 1990. Its establishment was aimed at forging national unity by providing a conducive environment for learning and interaction for youths from all parts of Nigeria.

The Senate of the University at its 92nd Regular Meeting held on 27th October, 2004 approved the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering with effect from 2005/2006 session. The Academic activities commenced with initial intake of nine (9) and eight (8) undergraduate (100 level) students into the Departments of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering respectively. The pioneer Dean, Engr. Prof. F. Akinbode FNSE was appointed in 2005 but assumed duty in 2006. In the interim, Engr. Ibrahim D. Muhammad coordinated the faculty. For the 2005/2006 session, Engr. Dr. T.C. Ogwueleka and Engr. Dr. I. M. Dagwa were appointed as the pioneer Heads of Departments of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering respectively with effect from 1st June 2007 under the pioneer Dean. In the 2006/2007 session, the faculty took-off with nine academic staff (1No. Professor, 3 Nos. Senior lecturers, 2 Nos. Lecturer I, 1 No. Lecturer II and 2 Nos. Graduate Assistants) and 2 Nos. Technical staff. In 2008 more staff were recruited into the faculty. Subsequently, Dr. Duncan F. Aloko and Engr. J. S. Adedibu were appointed as pioneer Heads of Departments of Chemical Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering respectively.

A crisis in the new Faculties of the University led to the ‘farming out’ of its undergraduate students to other Universities to complete their studies. However, it recommenced in the 2015 with the encouragement of the then new Vice Chancellor, Prof. M. U. Adikwu with the admission of 160 students at the 100 level. The undergraduate programme recommenced in the 2015/2016 academic session with the encouragement of the then new Vice Chancellor, Prof. M. U. Adikwu with the admission of 160 students at the 100 level.

The Postgraduate programme started in the 2016/2017 academic session with admissions to the four Departments of the Faculty. The programmes were earlier approved by the University Senate. The Faculty has a number of collaborations in form Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with a number of organizations through the University. Some of which are with Nigerian Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC) and the University of Johannesburg, Republic South Africa. It also hosts the secretariat of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Giri branch. The present acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering is Engr. Prof. I. I. Ozigis

Departments and Programs

Up until the 2021/2022 session, the Faculty operated four Departments of Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. However, in the 2022/2023 session, three more Departments/Programmes received Nigeria University Commission (NUC) approval to commence academic activities. These are Agricultural Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Railway Engineering. They have since admitted their first set of students for the 2023/2024 session. The Nuclear Engineering programme is awaiting approval as at the beginning of the 2023/2024 session. Others like Computer Engineering are in the pipeline.


To be a leading hub of engineering excellence, fostering innovation, sustainable solutions, and global impact.


The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Abuja is dedicated to providing an exceptional and inclusive learning environment. We strive to cultivate creative problem-solvers and ethical leaders in the field of engineering. Through cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and industry partnerships, we aim to address societal challenges and contribute to the advancement of technology and infrastructure, locally and globally.


Our philosophy is centered on academic excellence, integrity, and societal impact. We believe in nurturing a culture of innovation, critical thinking, and lifelong learning among our students and faculty. We emphasize practical application of knowledge, hands-on experience, and ethical responsibility in engineering practice. By fostering a collaborative and diverse community, we aim to inspire, empower, and equip our graduates to be leaders who contribute meaningfully to the progress of society.

The Principal Officers of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. I. I. Ozigis - Ag. Dean
  • Engr. Dr. Kamoru Salam - HOD Chemical Engineering
  • Engr. Dr. Emmanuel Ndububa - HOD Civil Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. Evans Ashigwuike - HOD Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Engr. Dr. Adiat Arogundade - HOD Mechanical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. Mohammed Yisa - Mechanical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. O. B. Oloche - Mechanical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof, D. F. Aloko - Chemical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. T. C. Ogwueleka - Civil Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. I. M. Dagwa - Mechanical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. A. Jimoh - Chemical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. (Mrs.) O. I. Ndububa - Civil Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. (Mrs.) K. O. Adeyemi - Mechanical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. I.D. Mohammad - Mechanical Engineering
  • Engr. Prof. Mohammed Evuti - Chemical Engineering